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This game changing 28 days challenge for health & fitness businesses is designed to help you step by step increase your income, ignite that passion again and get back on track without spending any $ on advertising. 

My popular proven referral system that consistently generates new clients each and every week. I've used this system for over 24+ years and is still the #1 way to increase your fitness business fast.
Get the complete system that you can implement immediately in your fitness business including scripts + templates. 

Unlock the hidden gems within your business! Many overlook the valuable opportunities they currently have. While searching for new leads, they often forget the untapped potential within their existing database. I share a unique approach —revealing a 12-month email strategy designed to captivate and convert those already interested in your services. Let's turn your current subscribers into loyal clients!

This one post generated 5 new clients in 24 hours, another 15 leads and 5 new clients in 12 hours. In this workshop I share the exact template they used. 

Ready to attract the wealth you deserve? Immerse yourself in transformative prompts, practices, and exercises designed to align your mindset with abundance so you can have more freedom to do what you want when you want.

Discover the powerful exercise that I personally used to manifest the life of my dreams in every area. This transformative worksheet isn't just a guide; it's the key to creating a life that aligns with your deepest dreams. Dive into thought-provoking exercises, and actionable steps designed to uncover the things that make you happy and set you on the path to living your dream life.

Discover what’s holding you back from having the business and income you dream of. I share a very simple process to uncover the blocks that are keeping you stuck and how you can turn them around so you can say YES to all the things that make you happy. 

Don’t know how to reply to enquiries or DMs? Then when you do reply you don’t get a response? This strategy was a huge game changer when it came to increasing sales. This system will show you how to increase conversions from enquiries to paying client. I give you the exact script of what to say so that your enquiries become paying clients. This is absolute gold! 

Stuck for ideas on content? No more saying I don’t know what to post! Over 276 ideas at your fingertips. Tailor your style, mix and match, and let the inspiration flow. Craft engaging, valuable content to captivate your dream clients.

Getting the right marketing message to the right dream client isn’t just crucial; it’s the essence of business success. Learn how to resonate with your dream clients, ensuring your marketing speaks directly to their needs and desires so your content is magnetic and you have clients flowing in each and every week.

What should you charge so people buy? Having the perfect balance is crucial. You don’t want to be too cheap, otherwise, you won’t make money, and you’ll end up burning out. On the flip side, you don’t want to undervalue your worth. In this workshop, I show you how to find the right pricing for you so that people buy over and over. Learn the steps to setting a price that sustains your business and increases profitability.

Unlock the exact strategies for daily income growth! Discover actionable steps to increase your income + clients and implement them easily into your daily routine. These effective strategies are designed to deliver results every day. 

Want to Build, Grow, and Expand Your Business Without Sacrificing Your Well-Being? Discover how to take your business to the next level that's in alignment with your unique strategy. Say goodbye to burnout and welcome a path to wealth that’s aligned with your true self that you absolutely love. 

Uncover the secrets to crafting offers that captivate your dream clients. I’ll show you how to create HELL YES offers that provide so much value that people won’t want to say no to + you won’t be compared to your competition because you’re offers are so unique.

This will take your content to a new level. Use this tool to give you fresh new ideas so you can take the guesswork out of creating content or take your existing content to a new level. With these Chat GPT prompts I will show you how in a way that you can’t be copied so you can create social content, ads and program ideas that are unique to you. 

Learn how you best manifest, for some people they manifest being really specific with what they want and creating a detailed plan and for others it’s more about the feeling. In this download I share how to know how you best manifest your dreams. 

Business is not just not about what actions you take, it’s also an inner game. When you are in alignment with your true self, life flows. This 30 days guide takes you on a daily journey, offering insightful exercises, reflections, and practical steps to manifest abundance. Whether you're striving for increased income, financial prosperity, or a shift in mindset, this journal is your roadmap to a richer, happier and more fulfilling life. 

When I purchase the Fitness Business Bundle do I get access immediately to all the workshops listed?
Yes!! You get lifetime access. 

Why so affordable, people charge $1000’s for this info?
I wanted to provide an affordable solution to help health and fitness professionals get access to this information so they can increase their clients + income. I know right now some people are doing it tough right now so instead of feeling stuck and using trial and error and I wanted to share the proven ways you can take your business to the next level.

How do I access the workshops after purchase?
After completing your purchase, you will receive immediate access to the entire bundle. Simply log in to your account, and you'll find all the workshops ready for you.

Are these workshops suitable if I’m just started out or only for experienced fitness businesses?
Absolutely! The Fitness Business Bundle is designed for businesses at all levels.

I have another question about the Fitness Business Bundle how can I contact you?
Send us an email 

Ready to Boost Productivity and Achieve Your Goals? Dive into our Ultimate Planner designed to help you keep focused and motivated. This carefully crafted planner is more than just a scheduling tool – it's your daily companion as you grow your business. With goal-setting frameworks, habit trackers, and daily reflections, this planner empowers you each day with purpose and intention. Streamline your tasks, increase your productivity.

#1 referral system to increase clients

21 Day Increase Income Challenge

Easy, Compelling, + Fast Way to Make Instant Sales While Connecting With Right Fit Clients


journal to abundance 

Dream life blueprint

how to break through blocks and increase your income


Content lab: social media content to bring in clients every week

Dream fit formula: crafting the perfect marketing for your dream clients

What you should 
charge so people actually buY?

Simple Daily Income Generating Strategies

Creating Irresistible Offers That Dream Clients Won’t Say No To


your manifestation signature


Wealth Journal 

Ultimate Planner

All of this for only $25

only $25


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valued at over $1599

valued at over $1599

valued at over $1599

valued at over $1599