6+ Figure Year Coaching

I help women in health and fitness attract dream clients, make more money and live their dream life. 

Whether you prefer group coaching or 1:1 both options will help take you to 6+ figures in your fitness business. 

You don't have to do it alone.

You don't have to look at the price when you shop.
You can say YES to your children.
You can say YES to holidays and more of the things that make you feel good.
You get to have the freedom do what you want when you want.
I will change your life. Just like I did mine. Just like I do with my clients.

i can help because i've been there + I've helped 100's women do the same

i can help you do just that and live your dream life.

I'm a big believer in...

Goals and roadmap

Getting clear on your path so you have clarity on how to move forward.

Core Offer & Foundations

Building your irresistible offer, pricing and structure your fitness business for growth. Both online and offline. 

Dream Client Attraction System

Consistent Client Flow

Optimize & Grow

Mindset, Energy, Frequency Method

Craft your message so you stand out in the market... and attract your dream client (automatically and predictably) so you’re only speaking to qualified prospects who value and respect your time.

Convert ideal prospects into paying clients consistently via text and PM's easily without sleazy selling. 

How to leverage the smart way so get to do all the things you love and help more people without burning out.

Deep dive into everything mindset, reprogramming the unconscious mind and stepping into the next level with ease and flow.

“Loaded all my new members and this month the income is $30 500.”


Increase your income and have more profit in your fitness business.

How does this sound?

Fill your fitness business with your dream clients that make your heart happy.



the results you're going to get:

Create a systems so that the business runs without you.


Kick that imposter syndrome, stress, anxiety and self doubt and feel confident.


Start having more fun, relax and do the things with loved ones that make you feel good.


"I was working crazy hours to working less and having more family time".


tripled her income to $30k+ months

Yes, It Really Works

100+ people online with people waiting to get in. Even during lockdown we have grown our business online. 


$25k+ months!

"I started believing in myself and now have over $5k+ weeks!


Police force to fitness

Take my 23+Years Of Real Life Experience In The Fitness Industry & Fast Track Your 6+ figure Years!

Here's How The 6+ Figure Mastermind Works:

A 1:1 Cash + Clients Plan

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Monthly Workshops

In Person Retreats

Mastermind Community

Access To Over 150+ Workshops

Access To All My Programs 

All this not only builds your dream business but your dream life!

Personal Human Design Reading

Monthly Productivity Power Hour Sessions

In this session we create your personal cash and clients plan so you have clarity and create a strategy for more clients + cash so know exactly what actions to take to increase your income in your fitness business.

We will look at your current marketing and how you generate clients and craft your message so you stand out from the crowd.

We will deep dive into your current offers and pricing structure so it's irresistible to your dream clients so you never compete on price. 

PLUS, look at what's been blocking you from going to the next level in your business and I'll share a powerful daily process that will have more clients and income flowing in fast. 

Every week we meet for our mastermind calls with myself and the other ladies doing amazing things in business. 

This is a super powerful container where you receive personalised support. The ladies say this the highlight of the program because it's reassuring to know that that you're not alone, you have a group of group of women to help you. 

These calls will help keep you on track, get support and receive ideas and inspiration from other successful fitness businesses doing $20k/$30k/$50k+ months. You don't have to do it alone anymore. 

This session is where will go deeper into the mindset, strategies and energetics so you learn new skills, maintain momentum and to help you shift into new levels of income.  

These workshops are based on what specifically the group needs, the ladies always say this was exactly what I needed! 

This session is where you implement and move forward, I’ll be there to guide you as to what action you need to be taking.

You'll know exactly what action to take. This focused time allows you to tick those actions off your to do list. 

Ticket to our in person retreats every 6 months on the Gold Coast, this alone will take you to the next level of income. 

This is the highlight on the calendar being in a room of like minded successful women.

You will leave the day inspired and motivated + you will have clarity on what you need to focus on to take your business to continue to grow your clients + income + freedom.

In between our calls you have access to our private community. 

This is where you share your wins for week, ask questions, get feedback, share tips and connect with the other ladies in the group. 

This mastermind is built for you to have a place you can feel supported in between the calls.

You are unique. You have different skills, strengths, and gifts. Which is why the some strategies work for people and for others it just doesn’t feel right.

This will help you understand your energetic blueprint so you know exactly how to market, make decisions that are right for you and that you can trust, how many hours you should be working without burning out, best way to allow more wealth and abundance into your life, what motivates and inspires you , understanding of your blueprint to help eliminate resistance and fear so you can live a relaxed, fulfilling, unique and abundant life.

This will be a game changer for you. 

You name it when it comes to fitness business I've probably done a workshop on it.

From marketing, sales, mindset, retention, human design, growing an online business, social media, money magic, manifestation - it's all in here. 

Plus learn the 6 Pillars to building a 6+ figure business and how to implement that every month so you can continually grow your business. One of the most powerful business strategies I've learnt ever in business.

Get access to all my programs including $10k More, 5 Day Lead Workshop, Referral Workshop, Move Online Method, Inner Game Workshop plus the Wealth Journals + Planners. 

Plus access to any of my proven business resources and systems so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, saves you so much time!

Group Coaching

Private Coaching

✅ 1:1 Cash and Clients Plan
✅ Personal Human Design Reading
✅ Weekly Support Calls
✅ Monthly Implementation Calls
✅ Monthly Workshop 
✅ In person retreats
✅ Private Facebook Community
✅ Access To Every Program
✅ Access To Over 150+ Workshops
✅ 6 Months Of Support

✅ 1:1 Cash and Clients Plan
✅ Fortnightly 1:1 Calls With Kellie
✅ Access to Unlimited Voxer Support
✅ Personal Human Design Reading
✅ Weekly Support Calls
✅ Monthly Implementation Calls
✅ Monthly Workshop 
✅ In person retreats
✅ Private Facebook Community
✅ Access To Every Program
✅ Access To Over 150+ Workshops
✅ 6 Months Of Support



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You want to live without fear, stress and anxiety so you can enjoy life.

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