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Can’t Make Money As A Personal Trainer!

July 20, 2016

You may of heard people say you can’t make money as a personal trainer? Why don’t you go get a real job? If you believe those thoughts then there is no way you will be able to have a successful fitness business. If your beliefs and thoughts are not aligned then you will struggle to […]

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You may of heard people say you can’t make money as a personal trainer?

Why don’t you go get a real job?

If you believe those thoughts then there is no way you will be able to have a successful fitness business.

If your beliefs and thoughts are not aligned then you will struggle to make your goals a reality.

One of my clients nailed it when she first came to me and said it’s like she was walking through molasses!

Spot on!

When your beliefs, thoughts and actions are out of whack then YES that’s exactly how it will feel.

You know you can achieve cool stuff but something is holding you back and if there were no unconscious blocks in your mindset then you would have everything you want.

Make a choice that it’s not going to be like this anymore.

It’s time to step up and start thinking like a pro!

When you think like the person who is already #1, act like the person who is already #1 then the results start to show.

They have to.

Because your thoughts and actions are aligned with what it is you want to achieve.

Right now your thoughts and actions aren’t aligned because if they were you would already have what you want.

And it’s because of the way you have been programmed and the beliefs that have been ingrained as you were growing up.

What you believe creates the thoughts you have.

Your thoughts create the words you use.

Your words determine the action you take.

Which is why is the beliefs, thoughts and words aren’t aligned then you will find its a struggle to achieve your goals, in every area of your life.

These beliefs, thoughts, words and actions must align to achieve your dreams and create that freedom you want.

Going back to the start, if you believe:

You can’t make money as a personal trainer?

You can’t become wealthy in the fitness industry 

Then it’s never going to happen because your thoughts and beliefs and actions are not aligned.

Unconsciously you are telling yourself it’s not possible to be a successful personal trainer so you won’t be motivated to take the action.

BUT when you do believe it’s possible.

When you do believe in yourself and know with 100% conviction that you can make your goals a reality then you are more motivated to take action.

Which is why mindset is such a crucial component of your success.

Which is why this is one of the first strategies I teach my clients.

It’s time to start changing the way you think and removing those old beliefs that are no longer serving you.

At Women in Fitness Live, I spoke about mindset and how much of an impact that makes.

Weeks later I received an email from one of the ladies who attended and this is part of what she said:

I have journaled every day since we met on Friday 30th June.

  • The gym is busy and we have had more new members/renewals in the first 2 weeks of July than we had in all of June.
  • Sent out my first email marketing promo
  • Facebook is going great
  • Implemented free Wednesday night boxing classes to anyone – no catch
  • Renos are moving along with plans at the certifier and flooring almost settled on
  • Looks like I have a painter so I won’t be painting the outside myself 
  • Put on a new staff member and she is on her own already and great
  • I have not had a negative day since and I feel like my positivity is rubbing off on family, team and members
  • I am on my 4thaudio book with Dana Wildes ordered and have had some amazing AH HA moments while listening to those
  • passion planners for me arrived Monday
  • I started pilates and love it
  • Massive payout from 2x business sales
  • Even had a garage sale and made $400
  • And I am considering another business

I have realised that I can do it all and I am.  After 7 years of running the gym I have finally realised that I DO know what I am doing and I am doing it well.  I have doubled the income and number of members and my goal is to triple it!  I have plenty of time and it doesn’t control me.  

I am so happy that I came to your live session Kell and can’t thank you enough.  Might need a new reading list soon though I have just about read all the ones you listed and you should know that ashamedly I have never read (or listened) to a book.

 Partner also would like to know how his wallet can get as full as mine! 

See the difference it makes!

If you have been in the same position for ages and have had enough then you need connect with me so I can show you how you can start living your dream lifestyle and make more money to do the things you love. It’s time to let go of the stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

Now is your time! Click here to register for a free session with me to put you on the right track.


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