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Why Does Growth/Success Happen To Others and Not Me, What Am I Doing Wrong?

Now in other exciting news I just manifested $80 000 pa and a new Audi!! (Client message). We can see these stories and think ‘Why does this happen to others and not me, what am I doing wrong?’ Why is there such huge discrepancy between business owners that have $5k, $10k, $50k months? Helping so […]

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We like it salty and sweet

Do you find you start your week off jumping into sessions and not having any real clarity as to want you want to achieve that week? You get caught up in checking Facebook, rechecking emails and focusing on the not important stuff that won’t grow your business. Maybe it’s because you are overwhelmed at what you need to do […]

Set Your Fitness Business Up For Massive Success

Fitness Marketing

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You hear me all the time talk about alignment and when you are in flow your fitness business grows much easier. But how do you get to that? It comes back to your messaging. Your message is your why. Why do you want a fitness business? Why do you want to make money? Why do […]

Your Message

Lead Generation

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Traditionally, the fitness industry starts to get quieter between November and the end of the year. Unfortunately some fitness businesses tend to put the brakes on which then means December is quiet = high stress because the income has slowed down. The great news is that my clients continue to grow their fitness business because we have […]

Double Figure Months In December

Fitness Marketing

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12 months ago my business and life were completely different. Since focusing on that #1 goal my business has taken off and I am working less hours. In December I got a brand new car that I have been wanting for ages! In April we went to Bali. This weekend we are off on a […]

Crack The Code And Unlock Your Potential

Fitness Business Basics

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Attract More Leads, Convert More Clients and The #1 Strategy That Added $50k+ To A Group Fitness Business

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